Timberline Foundation

Timberline Grants and Application Guidelines

Proposals and Inquiry Letters

Timberline makes grants on the basis of formal, written proposals. Preliminary inquiry letters exploring general ideas are also accepted, but applicants should understand that a response to an inquiry letter is advisory only and cannot be relied upon as a decision about whether a grant will ultimately be made.
Grants are made to institutions and organizations. The Foundation is not currently able to consider making grants to individuals.

Application Guidelines

The proposal itself need not adhere to any set form. The information it contains should be complete enough to give the Foundation a clear picture of the intended project or activity, who is proposing it, and how it will be handled. In that context, a successful application would ordinarily address, as appropriate, and in whatever order seems logical, such items as:



Proposals are first considered by Foundation staff, which may ask for additional information or otherwise work with an applicant to clarify promising ideas.  Deserving proposals are considered by the Foundation's Board, which ordinarily solicits advice from the Foundation's Executive Advisory Committee prior to acting.  The Board and Executive Advisory Committee normally meet four times a year, or more often if necessary.
The Foundation attempts to communicate clearly and promptly with applicants at all stages of the process.

Contact Information

Proposals and other communications should be addressed to:

Executive Director
Timberline Foundation
PO Box 301
Simpsonville, MD 21150

Alternately, information can sent by email to: gconrad@timberlinefoundation.org

If you would like more help about how to write a proposal, the Foundation Center has an excellent "Short Course" which you can access by clicking on the preceding link.